I call it an Abundant Centered Society or ACeS for short, but you might know it as a Post-Scarcity Society or an RBE – Resource Based Economy.

One way of thinking about it is to start imagining that people have access to at least the necessities of life, for free, for everyone on the planet.

I’ll go into more detail later but ACeS is mostly based around Access Abundance, Cradle to Cradle style Closed Loop Material Flows, Automation and a Systems Perspective.

The aim of the Abundant Mars Podcast and eventual proposal is to help develop an Abundance Centered Society in our Solar System

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This Podcast is run by Michael Kubler

Podcast Episodes

  1. Abundant Mars Episode 1: An Abundance Centered Society – Jeff’s Story
  2. Abundant Mars Episode 2: Why go to Mars and How to live there – Jane’s Story
  3. Abundant Mars Episode 3: The Tao of ACeS 1-3 – John’s Story

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