Abundant Mars Episode 1: An Abundance Centered Society - Jeff's Story

Welcome to the first episode of the Abundant Mars Podcast.

In this episode I give an overview of an Abundance Centered Society and how it would apply to Mars. With the understanding that the technology and culture we create for Mars can be adapted to help make Earth prosper.

I go over Jeff’s stories. A story of Jeff the door repairman living in Capitalism versus an Abundance Centered Society.

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Key points from the episode:

  1. The podcast discusses how to create an Abundance Centered Society (ACeS) on Mars and apply those principles on Earth. ACeS is based on access abundance, closed-loop material flows, automation, and a systems perspective.
  2. Mars is a hostile environment with unbreathable air, freezing temperatures, high radiation, low gravity, and limited power source options.
  3. The goal is to set up a self-sustaining civilization on Mars that can survive without resupply from Earth. This requires recreating ecosystems and technical nutrient cycles.
  4. Capitalism, with its focus on profit and growth, may not be the best economic system for Mars. Issues like planned obsolescence and the tension between employment and automation could be problematic.
  5. Alternative economic systems like ACeS, which focus on sustainability, access over ownership, and automation, might be better suited for Mars.
  6. Developing the technology and culture for an ACeS might be easier on Mars than on Earth, as it requires reimagining everything from first principles.
  7. The episode contrasts two stories of life on Mars – one under capitalism and one under ACeS – to highlight the potential differences in quality of life and sustainability.
  8. The aim is to inspire people to design the buildings and systems on Mars with an ACeS approach, which could then be applied on Earth as well.

The episode serves as an introduction to the concept of ACeS and how it could be developed and implemented on Mars. Future episodes will delve deeper into the core aspects of an Abundance Centered Society.


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Outro music – Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd

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