Abundant Mars - Episode 3 Cover

Abundant Mars Episode 3: Tao of ACes 1-3 – John’s Story

In this episode I summarise the last two episodes, explain the Pyramid structure of current society then explain the first 3 Tao of ACeS (out of 10+2).

1. Abundance Mindset – Creating abundance through Cradle to Cradle, systems design, Access Abundance, and Automation.
2. Responsibility Based – You should look after the systems that support you and your fellows.
3. Reduction Target – Try to reduce needless violence, waste and stratification.

Abundant Mars Episode 1: An Abundance Centered Society – Jeff’s Story

The first episode of the Podcast.

In this episode I give an overview of an Abundance Centered Society and how it would apply to Mars. With the understanding that the technology and culture we create for Mars can be adapted to help make Earth prosper.

I go over Jeff’s stories. A story of Jeff the door repairman living in Capitalism versus an Abundance Centered Society.